There has been a Scout group in Brockworth since 22nd February 1938. It was on this date that the first troop meeting took place with 12 boys and their leader at the now demolished Robinson Memorial Hall along the Cirencester road. There may be many of the older generation that might remember this building.

The troop remained at the hall until the outbreak of war when the hall was commandeered by RAF for the sitting of a barrage balloon. During the war the group became quite nomadic having to move from accommodation to accommodation, namely Bentham church hall and then Brockworth church hall on Ermin Street. This was then taken over by the ARP making them homeless yet again. Not to be beaten the Group began holding their meetings under an oak tree in Green Street where they continued to meet until after the war.

The group had many homes after this time but we were fortunate, with much hard work from past leaders and supporters, enough funds were raised to build our own hall, ‘Vaughan Lodge’ in Clyde Road. Since the official opening of Vaughan Lodge in 1977, the 29th Gloucester Scout Group has seen many young people from Brockworth and the surrounding areas pass through their doors.